Yahoo! JAPAN's 2006 search word ranking number one is "mixi"

Total results for January 1, 2006 through November 5, 2006. 1st place is mixi, 2nd place is 2channels, 3rd place is Google. It is some ranking of consent. It was impressive that the 2nd chan was the first place in the previous year and the mixi was the 1st place.

Other ranking up to 50th is as follows.
2006 Search word ranking - Yahoo! JAPAN

First place: mixi
2nd place: 2channel
3rd place: Google
4th place: Rakuten
5th: Amazon
6th: goo
7th: YouTube
8th: ANA
9th place: JAL
10th place: MSN
11th place: Han game
12th place: Docomo
13th place: GyaO
14th place: livedoor
15th place: au
16th: Hotmail
17th place: JR
18th place: postal code
19th place: Jalan
20th place: Fuji TV
21st: NHK
22nd: Map
23rd place: Hello Work
24th: Funny Flash (Funny Flash Warehouse)
25th: Toyota
26th place: GourNavi
27th place: JTB
28th: ​​HIS
29th: Lottery
30th place: Rikunabi (Rikunabi 2007)
31st place: post office
32nd place: Wikipedia
33rd place: Oricon
34th place: UNIQLO
35th: Aino weekend
36th: Sony
37th place: Vodafone
38th place: Dell
39th: Final Fantasy 12
40th: Price .com
41st: Honda
42th: Yodobashi camera
43th place: JRA
44th: OCN
45th: price
46th: TBS
47th place: Canon
48th: Pocket monsters
49th: Nissen
50th place: DEATH NOTE

Approximately, if you know all the phrases listed here, do you feel like passing?

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