YouTube, finally making it possible to view movies from mobile phones

By November 2, YouTube CEO Chad Hurley said "The mobile phone market is huge and attractive, I'd like to start a mobile version of YouTube within a yearAlthough it was speaking the spirit of the spirit of being the subject, it seems that it finally became a thing of the reality.

It is a merged company of Verizon Wireless, a major mobile phone company, Verizon Communications Corp. and Vodafone Group, a major mobile phone company in the United Kingdom.

The details of the alliance are as follows.
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The service start time is planned around the beginning of December this year and it becomes possible to browse when you subscribe to "V Cast" which is a chargeable service of $ 3 per day or $ 15 per month. In addition to browsing, you can also upload movies taken with your mobile phone directly to YouTube. The mechanism to upload from this mobile phone has been implemented since May this year,YouTube to GoIt is called by the name of.

New from YouTube? Mobile Video Uploads!

Supporting are Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and this time Verizon. In other words, you should think that the story has progressed from this time.

In addition, it is said that browsing movies and adult movies with the possibility of copyright infringement are not allowed. It seems to be perfectly suppressed around this area, is it such a mechanism that it really can not browse 100% ... ?.

By the way, are not you thinking about deployment in Japan at all, are youTube?

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