Drift run with radio controlled car

Speaking of drift traveling is a driving technique that is said to be the birthplace of Japan famous for "Initial D", but this is a strange movie of doing it with a radio controlled car. It will drift with force that is no less bad than actual cars. Camera work is also diverse, so it is very spectacular.

Including other drift related movies, playback is from the following.
Rc drift - Google Video

Actually, it seems that there are the following types of drift driving.

About Drift Mileage

Drift Driving - Wikipedia

As far as the movie below is concerned, it seems that it is also possible to drift at a tremendous short distance with drift.

YouTube - The real Drift-King

When it drifts the road tremendously, it looks like this from the gallery. Very powerful.

YouTube - BMW drifting

If drifting with multiple units it is also considerable.

YouTube - Drift

Bonus: F18 fighter, drift like ... ....

YouTube - F18 Super Hornet runway wipeout

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