"Stockvault.net" which can use more than 5000 photos and images free of charge

At present, the number of images that can be downloaded is 5425 sheets, the number of categories is 93, and the total capacity is 3432 MB (about 3.4 GB) of a large capacity free stock photo gallery. The resolution is from 1280 x 960 to 1800 x 1200, which is relatively high overall. It is free for personal use only and can be used freely.

Now we are doing a $ 1,000 contest with the prize of "The Best Stock Photo of 2006", and high-quality nominated images there are also freely downloadable.

How to download such as the following.
Free stock photos and images - stock photo resource - stockvault.net

All categories can be accessed from the following.

Categories / Description

Following the categories, click the thumbnail image, there is a button called "DOWNLOAD FILE" in the lower right, so you can download it simply by clicking on it. There is no troublesome user registration etc at all.

Images with high attention such as high rate and many downloads are as follows.

Most popular files

An image submission contest of $ 1,000 prizeIs a JPEG file with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 or more, and anyone can apply for size as long as it is within 2 MB per sheet. The deadline is December 10 and the result announcement is December 17. There are already a lot of entries, you can download from the following.

Best Stock Photo Of 2006 - Contest Entries

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