The universe was created by flying spaghetti monsters

A flying spaghetti monster is depicted as a mass of tangled spaghetti with "eye pattern and a meatball" with a "noodle tentacle", the first things created are mountains, trees, a dwarf. Followers are supposed to wear pirate costumes, religious holidays are every Friday. When praying, it is supposed to be "ramen" instead of "Amen".

So, what is this sort of thing is that it was made to counter the intelligent design theory (ID theory) which President Bush also supports in the United States in 2005. The ID theory is that the evolution of living things in the natural sciences (Darwin's theory of evolution) is wrong, "somewhat intelligent" (intelligent) far exceeding humanity creates (designs) the world and living things from the beginning in its present form, It was such a ridiculous thing. In 2005, the Kansas State Board of Education told the Kanzas State Board of Education to teach the ID theory as well, but at that time "If such things are OK, the universe was created by the flying spaghetti monster That's why I finished it.

Let's see the shivering movie that the sacred flying spaghetti monster is real. Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted in Germany

Apparently Flying Spaghetti Monster seems to live in Germany.

Flying Spaghetti monster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The translation of the interview article around here is also interesting.

Nikki - Flying Spaghetti Monster

The reaction of the ID theory supporters to the flying spaghetti monster in this universe is as follows.

Return from oblivion: intelligent design reaction to flying spaghetti monster

Also here is the Flash which explained the doctrine in detail.

Guidetopastafarianismpreloaded.swf (application / x-shockwave-flash object)

The stripper factory and beer volcano seem to be promised to heaven ......

After all, in November 2005, the Kansas State Board of Education voted the science education standard teaching the theory of evolution as "problematic theory" as a result of the majority vote, and the ID theory won the victory. Although it is unthinkable in Japan ... ....

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