Japanese develops batteries that can be activated with a single drop of water

According to Reuters, Japan's inventor Susumu Suzuki has developed a revolutionary battery. This battery is composed mainly of carbon (carbon), and it activates by using only a single drop of water, that is, it can supply power just like ordinary batteries. In other words, once the power is gone, it will be reactivated again by using water and it becomes available. Approximately, it seems that it can reactivate about several times.

What is epoch - making is not only its ecology but also its price. If you are producing the same amount as a normal battery, the production cost will drop to 1 / 10th of the normal battery. Is the material of batteries of the near future decided by this ...?

The video interview by Reuters is as follows.
Batteries activated by water | Reuters.com(CM will flow first, then it will start)

It is too innovative batteries, so it is reported in various places abroad.

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When I looked it up, it looks like this company made it. The name of the president also matches, and the explanation of Reuters agrees with the business type of the company.

Real guard manufacturer maker TSC

Looking at the history and products we deal with, it seems that there is considerable track record in making such products. Is it really put to practical use, is this.

2006/11/12 1:37 Addendum
I got pointless emails on haste, but it seems that activation is as follows. First about "inactivation".

Nickel-metal hydride battery Q & A 1

Q & A - Nickel Metal Hydride Battery: Can I use batteries that have not been used for a while? [Common to NiMH batteries]

"Inactivation" means that the chemical reaction inside the battery decreases and the use time becomes short unless it is used for a long time.
Since this is a primary one, it goes back to original by doing charge and discharge once or twice.

Even in this case it seems to be activated if you activate the battery (trickle charge).

tell me! How do you reactivate a deactivated rechargeable battery?

Indeed, that is, batteries invented by Mr. Suzuki san never lose waste because it can be restored quickly even if it is deactivated, so it is environmentally friendly, in short, it is an "ecological battery". Convinced. Is it possible to expect demand for rechargeable batteries used for lights to be stored for a long time in case of a disaster, etc. This is it.

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