What you need to make a Web 2.0 site

What is Web 2.0? Although there are various kinds based on various interpretations, you can see that there is a certain common item when looking at the design point of design.

For example, it is a simple layout, a composition that gets to the center, an effect that makes you feel a little three-dimensional space, a background of soft color tones such as white and pastel color, vivid one point color for accent, intuitive navigation that uses many icons , Big fonts, and so on. Rounded tables are representative of them.

So, I tried collecting a site to be helpful for renewal to Web 2.0 style site design, service for making the material and so on.
First of all, we have summarized the following about the Web 2.0 style design. What I wrote about last time is what is touched on this site.

Current style in web design

Although it is saying that it is a design element of the trend of now, it is introduced with a site which is actually an example. The following is an example of a Web 2.0 design site that is helpful.

Startup Business School: Uncommon Wisdom for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Solar Panels, Wind Electric Systems and Energy Efficient Appliances from The Alternative Energy Store

Weather Forecast and Weather Forecast Accuracy for Your City

Design made simple and the user experience made fun - Emaginacion

IconBuffet | Royalty-Free Stock Icons for Digital Professionals

Welcome to LinkedIn

Mozilla.org - Home of the Mozilla Project

Fidelica home - Fidelica Microsystems


Is it something like something when actually looking at the design? It is Fushigi that comes to mind.

In addition, the following site explains how to make a Web2.0 style design using Photoshop in detail, and at the bottom of the page is a PSD file of Web 2.0 design that can be used immediately after downloading There is. If you use this as a base it will look quite like it.

Web 2.0 Design Kit | Photoshop Lab

Web 2.0 Design Kit, Part 2 | Photoshop Lab

Not only the site design but also the logo is an important point. A logo like that looks ready at the site below.

Flickr Logo Maker

Web 2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P

See the following article on what kind of logo actually looks like Web 2.0.

Make a famous corporate logo like Web 2.0 style - GIGAZINE

A simple background image can be prepared at the following site.

Background Image Maker

Various buttons such as RSS can be produced below.


For animation such as AJAX loading, refer to the following article.

Create animated GIF when loading AJAX "Ajaxload" - GIGAZINE

If you want to round the corners you can do a variety of things by reading the following article.

How to round the corners more with CSS Various - GIGAZINE

Most of the icons are listed below.

More than 700 free-use icons "Silk Icons" - GIGAZINE

Mini-icons that can be used for various purposes It is - GIGAZINE

If you want a template that can be used if you say that it is troublesome to combine materials, refer to the following.

High quality, free website template collection "TemplatesBox.com" - GIGAZINE

Various sites distributing website template for free - Various things - GIGAZINE

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