A movie of wearing a condom that can be worn in 1 second

There was news on November 6th that a condom that did not break the mood when worn was released, but it seems that a movie showing how to attach the actual product is on YouTube.

As you can see, it can be installed at extremely high speed. I think it's best for people who neglect contraception because it's a hassle.

Playback is from the following.
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There is also another version.

YouTube --Pronto --Manto

The homepage of this maker is below.

Pronto condoms --the best way to get it on

Purchase from the following. It costs 28 rand (about 520 yen) for 3 pieces, 46 rand (about 860 yen) for 6 pieces, and 64 rand (about 1200 yen) for 9 pieces.

Pronto condoms --the best way to get it on

Do you sell it in Japan too?

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