Movie of ultra high-speed painting technique to finish in 10 minutes

I'm making a fantastic picture by spraying it. This is a technique called "AEROSOLGRAFIA" developed in Mexico in 1980. It seems that it is called spray art in Japan. I feel like one art including the performance of the creation process.

Playback is from the following.
I am drying it with a burner to finish, but the fire has moved to a bit of painting.

Spray paint art 3

The site of the author is here. You can see pictures of other works.


It is different from the above people, but it is completed in about 5 minutes at super speed.

YouTube - spray paint art

This is making while swinging your head and arm.

YouTube - Watch Mark Paint

I also care about the author's skill.


I draw on the roadside of the town.

YouTube - spray art

A movie making while drying with a burner.

YouTube - Spray Paint Art - Cancun Mexico

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