Magnetic refrigeration system that rotates the permanent magnet to lower the temperature

Although ordinary air conditioners and refrigerators cool down by compressing and expanding gas by using Freon gas or substitute Freons, the method of this time is to lower the temperature by rotating the permanent magnets.

What is the principle? That is, it uses a phenomenon that heat is generated when a magnetic field is applied to a magnetic body and its temperature is lowered when a magnetic field is removed. It is technologies that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient and energy saving can be expected, so it's just like the technology of the future.

And for this groundbreaking technology, Chubu Electric Power Company in Japan has made great progress toward practical application with the achievement of the world's highest performance. Wonderful, do it for me ....

Details are as follows.
Chubu Electric Power Company | Press Release - Development of Room-temperature Magnetic Refrigeration System - Achieving a World's Highest Performance Significant Advance to Practical Applications -

Compared to this magnetic refrigeration system, gas freezing

· Operation close to theoretical efficiency can be realized and there is energy saving effect
· Eco-friendly because CFC and CFC substitute are not used
· Because it does not use a compressor it is quiet and has less vibration

It is said that there is merit of.

This image is that machine.

In the future, we are planning to develop stable manufacturing technology for materials with high magnetocaloric effect and to develop more compact and more efficient devices aiming at practical application of air conditioners and refrigerators using magnetic refrigeration technology at an early stage. This is epoch-making in every way, it's a nice feeling.

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