I tried using SixApart's new blog service "Vox"

Six Apart, famous for MovableType and Typepad, started a new blog service "Vox", I registered and used it immediately. It is like adding blog and SNS.

Details are as follows.Vox

Click "Register Now" at the top to register newly. Enter your email address and click "Register"

The screen switches to the transmission completion screen. Let's check there as mail should have arrived already. You can register by entering the registration code written in the mail. If an error occurs, you can register by clicking the link in the mail.

It is this mail that arrives.

Account creation screen. Passwords, URLs and so on are input in order.

In addition, it is convenient to display help when you move to the input field. In the case of URL, you can see immediately whether it can be used or not.

When you finish typing it to another setting. It is okay as it is.

It seems to be able to introduce a blog. Please enter the email address of the person you want to introduce. If it is not, it is next.

Finally registration is completed. Click on the URL or click on My VOX blog to go to your blog.

At first it is like this. The title of the blog will be the character string entered in the URL, but do not worry because it can be changed later. Let's change the design because it is invited to change "blog design and create your own blog" for the time being.

Design setting screen. You can also change the title and subtitle here. There are four kinds of layouts, and there are many themes. At first, "New" is selected, so let's search for your favorite design with "All".

Let's also set up a profile. You can make settings such as member photos displayed on the blog. You can register multiple contacts, you can change the publication destination.

Mobile settings. You can post from the outset.

Other service collaboration. It seems that it can cooperate with Flickr, Photobucket, TypePad.

Notifications and privacy. By default all checks are included, but it is safe to remove per search on real name ....

Access restriction. There are also family members in addition to everyone, friends, etc. in the scope. Does your family use Vox?

Account Setting. By default the time zone is the United States, so let's change it to "Asia - Tokyo".

And here is what I made quickly. Although it is an official version, it is a bit unstable.


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