Yahoo! And a search site "Yahooogle! (Yahoo!)" That displays search results of Google

Using "Yahoo! Search Web Service" and "Google SOAP Search API" Yahoo! It seems to be a mashup search site that merges and displays Google search results. I feel like something ridiculous service ....

Details are as follows. Yahoogle! Here is the link to

Search by Yahoo! (Yahoo!) | Yahoo! + GOOGLE!

Release of the mashup search site "Yahoo!! Α (Yahoo Guru Alpha Version)"

According to this release Yahoo! It is not for commercial purpose, Yahoo! It is said to be a mashup site aimed at expanding Web API services provided by Google. Also, Yahoo! And Google's search results are merged and displayed so that it is aimed to clearly indicate to users the sites displayed in high rank in both search engines. We also offer other search plugins for IE 7, Firefox, Google Toolbar.

Unlike overseas, 60% of Yahoo! is still in Japan. I am using a search engine, but will anything be changed by this?

By the way Yahoo! JAPAN currently employs its own search engine, but in partnership with Google during the period from 2001 to 2004, if there is no such site by keyword search of Yahoo! JAPAN, it will automatically It seems that they tried to search Google.

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