Strong ping-pong "Plasma Pong" etc.

It is supposed to be somewhat challenging, but it is definitely "PONG". He said that he used fluid dynamics to make the classic game "PONG" exciting. The field is filled with plasma fluid, it seems that you can create a vacuum from the paddle and explode with a shock wave. It might be easier to understand if you played once rather than reading it in sentences.

Details are as follows. There is also an actual play movie.
Plasma Pong

The screenshot looks like the following.

At first you can play normally but gradually you can not read the movement of the bullets. The flow of the plasma fluid is visible ....

The actual play movie is here.The player on the left is COM, and the right is COM.


This is close to orthodox "PONG", but it will curve.


There are many obstacles. Apart from the falling walls, what is the subsequent Pac-Man ...

Insane Orb

The enemy is in three directions.

Pong solo

Stereoscopic PONG. I feel that stereoscopic viewing on the display is more difficult than when viewing on paper ...

3d stereogram Pong

Four directions alone. It is a bit lonely.


I feel famous, but 3D PONG.


As the name of Battle, fight PONG. By hitting the bar on the top and bottom you can earn various items, some inside attacking the other party directly.

Battle Pong

Soccer and PONG unite. Like a soccer game aim not to put out the ball outside the field and aim for the goal.


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