LineRider introduces further transcendental skill courses

Previous courseIn the moment that I thought it was impossible to think that anything beyond this was impossible, the fiercest who embarked on a fairly three-dimensional field this time emerged. The course itself is drawn to such an extent that it is unknown what is going on, and it becomes distant just by considering how much time it spent to complete this.

Playback is from the following. In addition to the YouTube version this time, there is also a high-quality version.
YouTube - Line Rider - Jagged Peak Adventure

Download from below. Click "Free" in the lower right, enter the alphanumeric characters of the image to be displayed and press the Enter key to download.

You want to download UnConeD _ - _ Line_Rider _ - _ Jagged_Peak_Adventure.avi

In the meantime, will not it become software for Nintendo DS? I feel like I'm going to be pretty nice ... ....

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