"Nisshin Kitapato GooTa and Boiled Pork Noodle" New Release

It is a component series featuring luxurious items, but this time it seems to be a white belt. It is characterized by a boiling type chashued with pork peculiar juicy umami, which is said to be sold at 285 yen / tax from October 30, 2006 (Monday).

Details are as below.- Next time there are white spots! New appliances appear! -
Non-fried bowl shaped cup noodle
"Nissin Kitapato GooTa and Boiled Pork Noodle"
Information on new release

(1) Men
A thin and straight feeling sorghum finished with a non-fried recipe is characterized by a firm texture and outstanding compatibility with pig bone soup.
(2) soup
Using heavy chick extract as a main ingredient, such as rosy chicken extract, the rich pork bone soup characteristic of the scent of garlic is a milky mild taste, and it fits well with a thick thick sliced ​​chasew.
(3) Material
A rough and soft boil type retort stewed chisew with confirmed the purer juicy umami by smashing the sliced ​​surface tightly. Besides that, Menma, leeks are included

In the black belt,GooTa roast pork braised noodle"Although the kind of ingredients is small, this white belt seems to put power into soup as well. Will the black belt be a soup as smooth as it is, white belt will bring out the taste of one piece with a rich soup?

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