Justsystem releases security software "Kaspersky"

From Friday, November 17, we are planning to release comprehensive security software "Kaspersky (R) Internet Security 6.0" and anti-virus software "Kaspersky (R) Anti-Virus 6.0". The prices are 12,800 yen and 8,800 yen (excluding tax) respectively.

Previously picked up anti-virus software rankingSo it is a majestic first place software.

Details are as follows.JustSystems enters the security software market
World-class comprehensive security software
"Kaspersky (Kaspersky) 6.0" released from Friday, November 17

This software was provided by Kaspersky Laboratories of Russia, but its performance is noteworthy. There seems to be something merely to be ranked first in the anti-virus software ranking.

This is the package image. It seems to be strong.

The virus detection rate is the highest in the world. Where are companies S, M and T?

It seems that the response to new viruses is also the fastest in the world. As far as I see the graph, it is overwhelming.

Although it is so powerful software, on the other hand, it took up earlierA list of what software heavily puts on WindowsBut I am ranked third. Although it may not be able to wait.

By the way Kaspersky companyThe world's largest virus encyclopediaIt seems to have. it's amazing.

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