Human camera

It is a movie of a person who remembers everything that it saw with phenomenal memories rather than a person-shaped camera · · ·. I remember the scenery of the town that I went around looking around with a helicopter and drawn it on a large canvas next to it.

Playback is from the following. I remember the streets of Rome.

Rome Documentary Part 2

Here is a movie where you can ride a helicopter.

YouTube - Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

This is drawing Tokyo on a canvas of 360 degrees. Even just drawing it makes me feel tired.

YouTube - Stephen Wiltshire draw entire cityscapes entirely from memor

Mr. Stephen Wiltshire seems to be autistic, it is said that there is a lone memory abilitySavan's syndromeIs it? His pictures and high-quality videos can be seen from the following Mr. Official Website.

The Stephen Wiltshire Gallery - Drawings, paintings and prints

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