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Excite today from the Internet advertisement news site "Webado TimesThe site called GIGAZINE interviewed Nissin was published. The new campaign for cup noodle, "FREEDOM-PROJECT.JPThis is an interview article about. It is that Nissinqua, which is also frequently covered by GIGAZINE.

Nissin, famous for being particularly focused on advertising in the food industry, is a unified company, what kind of idea made such a site? What kind of purpose does the campaign do? Although we do something unusual like selling DVDs, what on earth is it positioned? I understand well etc. It is structured not only for corporate spokesperson but also for interesting feeling even if ordinary people read it.

Details are as follows.
Nissin Cup Noodle FREEDOM PROJECT on the topic "Something Occurs" on the Internet | Excite Webado Times

Rather than linking to so-called direct sales, I think that advertising that increases brand value, that is, branding first, seems to be doing trial and error over and over like imagination.

In the future, some articles will be posted by GIGAZINE interviewing each company in the excitement wear additimes. Although famous famous enterprises are supposed to be line up from the next time onwards, there are various restrictions when it comes to large companies as well, and there are many cases that can not be easy to do. Especially when setting the brand building like Nisshin this time, such interview article itself is quite unusual. I thought that it is "GIGAZINE is the reason why" like this can be done. If it was normal it would be pre-payment before taking apo ....

So, if you have interesting companies doing advertisement campaigns on the Internet and interesting creators who make advertisement expressions, they will be included as candidates for whether to go to the interview, so feel free to contact us. TaremiaHerePlease.

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