A rechargeable battery from a USB port

It seems that batteries that can be charged simply by inserting them into the USB port have been commercialized. It may be quite good.

I took up earlier.Bag that you can use USB devices with the power of the sunIf you combine with it, you will also be wondering if you can charge anywhere as long as the sun comes out.

Details are as follows.Welcome - usbcell.com

According to the site of the manufacturer who developed this rechargeable battery, only the AA type batteries are currently on sale, but in the future we plan to line up other single - AAA batteries and 9 V batteries I heard that.

By the way, the capacity is 1300 mah, and it seems that the charge time you care about is 90% complete in 5 hours if it is charged from the USB port. Moreover, it can be charged even with some nickel-metal hydride battery charger. Even so why is it not time 100% but time of 90% charging ... I feel halfway though it is selected.

Currently I have to purchase from the U.K. through mail order, but do the day when the Japanese electric shop will be lined up?

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