In order to buy Yoshinoya's beef bowl, it has been in line with nearly 200 people

Today, Yoshinoya 's beef don is restored, but I bought it in line. I went to the Hankyu Ibaraki-shi station front shop at 10:57, but it was already 141 people at that time. Alongside too much. In the emergency that nearly 200 people are lined up to the maximum.

I have never eaten Yoshinoya's beef bowl before, so it's exciting excitement. So please report.
Yoshinoya, "Beef Bowl Easter Festival" held on September 18 - GIGAZINE

At the time of arrival, what is that queue ...? I thought about 50 people at the most, but ....

This is the first half

Behind that

Looking from the last tail .... It is too long ......

Also line up more and more lined up

45 minutes ago ... around 11:45. It is hot.

At 11:55, finally near the entrance

At the entrance of such a poster

Guide chain is not useful ...

Inside the shop. It is divided into a takeaway group and a store group. It is possible to eat the store association person overwhelmingly quickly.

I asked the clerk, but I heard that he is preparing 1000 servings today. Because it is up to 4 people per person, it is feeling that you can definitely eat up to 250 people.

So this is the beef bowl you bought. Seriously prime and heaping.

Like this

looks delicious……

This seems to be a bonus "Beef Bowl Restoration Memorial Original Tenugui" which comes with every purchase. It seems that the colors are different in parallel and heaped.

2006/09/18 13:56 Addendum
There are about 100 people in Yoshinoya Noda store. It took about 2 hours to buy them side by side around 11:30. It seems that about 80 people were lined up behind when entering the shop. Editorial staff said, "It was a mistake that I went without eating anything after I woke up." Let's prepare for those planning to go from now ......

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