Nissin managers training, raising fire with their own hands and eating "chicken noodles"

First of all, after climbing for about 4 hours, we will bivaak at each time assuming the time of distress, fire in our own hands, in the state close to the limit, to eat "chicken noodles".

Next, after transferring the place to Zen temple, after doing the waterfall line with Fude Shimizu, we do "training" such as zazen and sutras, aiming for more spiritual growth ...... That is right.

...... Apparently it seems true. Details are as follows.
New management staff training for Nissin Foods
"Mountain training" that evokes awareness towards spontaneous autonomy

The schedule is from September 14 (Thu) to 16 (Saturday), 2 days and 3 days in the mountains and Zen temples in Saitama prefecture. It seems he had been training on a deserted island until last year.

In addition, this training aims the management leader image that can "self-act" and "self-rule" with the theme of "Self-Recognizing Training Recalling Spontaneous / Autonomous Awareness" and rethinking the current self ... ... and that.

It is precisely "training" rather than training.

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