The cryptography "Enigma" simulator that the German army used in World War II

The group that did the work of decrypting this cipher "Enigma" in the intelligence agency of the UK is called "Ultra" (Ultra), and the decryption information was called "Ultra information".

So it is a simulator that can experience the super strong cipher "Enigma" said to have influenced the direction of World War II. If you actually try it you will understand its strength.
This is that simulator.


If you put the appropriate letters in "Input", it will appear in "Output". You can see how it is encrypted in conjunction with every single character typing.

Although the initial gear is "H" "D" "X", if you change this, even the same letters will be different patterns. Also, it is an excellent one that can change gear combinations. It is not something that has accumulated on days encrypted with such things. However, because it was so powerful, the German army was proud and unaware that it was being broken. Details about that are detailed on the following site.


Enigma was also broken

Column 4: Deciphering Enigma

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