Release of green tea with a lot of sweet ingredients "Oi Ocha Aged Azumi"

Ito announced that it will be released at the suggested retail price of 158 yen from "Mr. Ochiagi Azumi Amami" from Monday, September 4, 2006. Is it hot for October 30 (Monday) so it seems to be released so it will be regular rather than limited time?"Oi Ocha Aged Azumi" September 4 (Monday) New appearance (convenience store only)

Submerged cultivation containing a lot of sweetness ingredients, umami ingredients (※) After tea leaves, overcoated tea, gyokuro, and green tea are matured for a certain period of time, a mellow sweetness is drawn out, I realized the natural aspect of green tea that was in teapot.

It is said that it becomes sweet tea by not changing the amino acid which is the taste component to the astringent component catechin in undercultivation that restricts light. In the investigation of Itoen, it seems that more people are asking sweetness for green tea beverages, so sweet green tea may come out from other drink companies.

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