Make highly sophisticated diamonds from Beethoven's hair

I was doing making diamonds from the remains after this, but I will do the same thing from my hair and body hair this time.

As part of the demonstration, he said he would create a very sophisticated diamond from Beethoven's hair. The completion schedule is November 2006.

The details of where you got your hair from where and why?
Beethoven revives the manufacture and sale of memorial diamonds Life gem

John · Lesnikov of Connecticut, USA got hair. He seems to be a world famous hair collector also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Is there such a thing ... ?.

Besides Beethoven, he also owns former President J. F Kennedy, Emperor Napoleon, Professor Einstein and others. When I looked at what route to get it, it seems that it was exhibited at this auction.

Eldred's Auction Gallery - East Dennis, MA

This time we will create three sizes from 0.5 carat to 1 carat. At the time of the world tour of the Beethoven Museum, the diamond accompanies it and finally plans to donate it to the auction charity. I am curious what kind of diamond it is.

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