Last Supper Star Wars style

All the characters of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" are characters of Star Wars. It is strong enough to erase the memory of what originally was.

So let 's look at the "Last Supper".
This is the original "Last Supper".

Leonardo_da_Vinci_ (1452 - 1519) _ - _ The_Last_Supper_ (1495 - 1498). Jpg (JPEG image 1988 x 1016 pixels)

The size is 420 x 910 cm, so it's pretty big.

Last Supper (Leonardo) - Wikipedia

It is described in more detail here.

"The Last Supper" (Leonardo da Vinci)

Moreover, there is such a thing over the interpretation of this picture.

Painting of blasphemy 'Last Supper'

Although it seems that the level of profanence is high considerably such as this ....

Fast Supper

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