Cheesecake Factory, limited release of 'Wagi's Cheese Bar'

Started selling on Cheesecake selling specialty store, Cheesecake Factory from 1st September. It seems that sales will end as soon as it is gone. 294 yen including tax.

Details are as follows.Cheese cake factory, next month will launch a new product "Wagashi no Cheese Bar" for a limited time only

Originally, "Cheese Bar" is like this kind of thing.

Cheese cake factory's cheese bar is a casual shape that you can eat without using dishes or forks, but specialty shops that use plenty of cream cheese and sour cream abundantly and take out the taste of the material carefully in a low temperature oven It is a product that has gained popularity in the manufacturing process.
The newly released "Waki cheese bar" used the Japanese chestnut which is the taste of autumn in its cheese bar.

As long as you see the image, it feels like a "cheesecake bar" ....
But it is good that you can eat easily without using dishes or forks. It might be suitable for a light snack while working.

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