How to buy McDonald's M potatoes cheaper than coupons

McDonald's is deploying on official websiteThis coupon (PDF file)So, M size potatoes are 120 yen, but this is the way to buy this for 110 yen. For those who want to make it cheaper, even if it is 10 yen.

The period is from 8/11 (Friday) to 9/10 (Sunday), available at McDonald's in Osaka Prefecture.

Details are as follows.
Provided by the Osaka Prefectural Police Department "Osaka Prefectural Police Anshin Machi MailThere is a tremendous service called "free registration" to this, every kind of unreported incident occurring in Osaka prefecture every day will be sent. Part of it can also be viewed on the page, but incidents are occurring that seems to be distant just by looking.

In order to measure dissemination of Anshi Mail which is bringing a tremendous earthquake to such Osaka citizens, we are tying up with McDonald's and registering campaign campaigns to be registered when registering. If you register crime prevention mail "Macpotat half price" Osaka Prefecture Police - Society

So, quickly looking at the official website ...

Establishment of Anshi Mail Tokkok Information


So, if you access it, you can use it even though you are not registering for some reason. What is this. Speaking of a kind of coupon, this is also a coupon.

Moreover, this seems to be the first bullet, so it seems that it is going to be expanded with the second, third. Personally I'm happy that it is like a discount ticket at a convenience store ....

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