Various pictures of the "Milky Way" that can not be seen in the city

It is a picture of the Milky Way observed at the Capital Reef National Park in Utah, USA. Under what circumstances can you observe this splendid Milky Way from the ground like this?
Capital Reef National Park Utah State West Road

The above Milky Way photograph was taken in May 2003 at this Capital Reef National Park.

This is also the Milky Way.

The Summer Milky Way from S. E. Arizona

A version that covers 360 degrees all skies in the panoramic image style.

360-degree Milky Way Panorama

There are also in Flickr.

Milkyway on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Explanation of what the structure of the Milky Way is.

The Universe within 50000 Light Years - The Milky Way Galaxy

This is an observation at various wavelengths and a description of its structure. It is amazing.

The Milky Way Galaxy

You can download super high resolution image of Milky Way.

Astronomy Images: Canadian Galactic Plane Survey Maps of the Milky Way Galaxy

The Flash movie "The End of the Milky Way" explaining what the Milky Way becomes.

HubbleSite - Cosmic Collision

Even this is beautiful.

APOD: June 5, 1996 - Sagittarius and the Central Milky Way


APOD: 2002 September 18 - A Sagittarius Starscape

The Milky Way

WMAP Cosmology 101: The Milky Way

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