"Bubble Man Gum Bottle" with Bubble Man as Gum

It seems that Lotte makes gum for Suntory 's "Bubble Man." The price is open from August 1 (Tue).

Emerald soda taste grain gum which reproduced the taste of "Bubble Man". "Bubble Man Ramune" is attached,. It is possible to reproduce the flavor of Bubble Man when eating together.

Details are as follows.
Lotte Launches' Bubble Man Gum Bottle 'with Suntory' s Beverage as Gum

When you eat it together, you can enjoy a sharp texture like "Bubble Man" drinking comfort, the main targets are 10 to 20 generations. 100 g of gum, 14.5 g of refreshing confectionery. Is it good to eat with 1.45 g per 10 g ....

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