"Yahoo! Auction My Shop" using the Yahoo API

This articleI just got to know about it as a trackback,Yahoo APIEasy to make use of auction · shop making net service "Yahoo! Auction My shopIt seems that you can do it. Use is free.

Personally, since Yahoo auc has more people to list than to buy, I tried what it feels like.
First of allhttp://y.bizstore.net/Click "Create my shop (new registration)" from the top page of

After inputting the mail address and checking, click "send"

Since it will be this screen, start up the mail software and check if the mail is coming

Since this kind of e-mail comes, click on the address in the text to display it

Then it becomes like this. First, select the design and click "Next"

After entering Yahoo! ID, password, category etc, click "register". I do not know how many characters or fewer passwords are, but for now, passwords with alphanumeric capital letters and lowercase mixed characters of 12 characters passed.

When creation is completed, the address of the shop comes out, so click

It is displayed like this

The actual sample is here. I have not sent anything, so it's a while ....

Also,Top pageWhen logging in with the e-mail address and password at the time of registration, it becomes the setting screen

change design

Shop setting

Account settings ... How do I log off from this screen ...

That's why an auction page that looks good is completed. Ideal for people who are exhibiting in Yahoo auction.

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