In the world, people flies in the sky with batteries

On July 16, 2006, at the Honda Okugawa Airfield in Saitama Prefecture, a student at Tokyo Institute of Technology conducted experiments on a single passenger aircraft powered by dry batteries and he said he succeeded in flying.

Details are below.

It seems that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a joint project launched in January 2006 in line with new product release of "oxyride dry battery". You are full of romance. - Manned Flight Project -

The aircraft consists of carbon fiber and polystyrene foam, weighs about 100 kilometers.
Official record seems to have jumped 269.3 m with 391.4 m with oxyride dry batteries 160 and 96 batteries in informal record.

So, what is the difference between this oxyride battery and other batteries?
Oxyride dry batteries - Wikipedia

It is characterized by about 1.5 times longer life compared with alkaline dry batteries and it was able to capture about 2.2 times the image of alkaline dry batteries in Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., However, when used for equipment with low current consumption such as watch / remote control, life may be shorter than that of alkaline dry batteries.

There seems to be weakness, but basically seems to have a longer life than alkaline batteries.

Sound quality changes with oxyride
According to the official website, there seems to be enough power to change the sound quality of the audio player, but is it true?

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