Nissin Chicken Ramen Bowl Plus Wonton

It seems to be a perfect new variation for "Chicken Ramen Bowl" with a smooth and smooth texture of wonton.

Details of the release date and price are as follows.
- "Chicken Ramen Bowl" with a smooth twinkling appeared -
Bowl-shaped Chinese cup noodle
"Nissin Chicken Ramen Bowl Plus Wonton"
Information on new release

New release all over the country from Monday, July 31, the price is 155 yen (excluding tax).

(1) Men
Noodles are familiar with the flavor of chicken ramen, sorry for tsurumi and koshi. I put a dent on the top of the noodle and adopted the "egg pocket" which made it easy to put eggs.
(2) soup
In addition to domestic chicken domestic chicken 100% use soup that has been familiar for many years, we are using organic soybean soy sauce in addition to raw materials.
(3) Material
In addition to the slick and smooth chicken wonton, it is vivid with colorful eggs, eggs, flower-shaped Naruto, carrot, leeks.

I have put Wonton I bought for myself before, but surely this combination should be delicious. Expect great.

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