Developed 50 terabytes of DVD

A DVD developed by Professor Renugopalakrishnan, a scientist born in India and living in the United States, is covered with protein that reacts to light, which is said to be able to store as much as 50 terabytes.

Details are as follows.
Indian-born scientist developed coated DVD's that can make hard disks obsolete

This technology announced on Saturday, July 8 in Sydney is to lay down the protein produced by microorganisms (in short, proteins). According to the professor, this technology says hard disk and memory will be unnecessary in the future.

This microorganism can take light into chemical energy, and by this mechanism it is possible to convert a series of intermediate molecules into their own shapes and colors before returning to the ground state. Although this intermediate product (a material which can be replaced with the material of existing DVD) has only been for a few days or only a few hours, the professor fiddles with the DNA of this microorganism and keeps its state for several years He said that he succeeded in creating a new kind of intermediate product. As a characteristic of this intermediate product, it is said to be strong against high temperature, and it can be stored in terabyte class.

In short, it is said that the ground state is a 2-bit zero state and it can be recorded by changing this. Therefore, it can record at very small intervals of nanometer. This is a secret of large capacity.

Although it seems to be unknown how it seems to be understood, it seems to be able to back up an extremely large capacity hard disk which is said to appear in the future if it is this.

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