The Firefox icon becomes the shrine maiden of the fox ears "Anime Firefox"

As an anthropomorphic of Firefox you still have to think that being a fox-ear shrine maiden is a universal recognition of the whole world.

Download and install from the following.
Firefox and Mozilla icon packs :: Anime Firefox

It seems to work on Firefox for Windows version and Linux version. After installing and restarting Firefox, the icon in the upper left of Firefox will be the shrine maiden of fox ears.

I do not want such a thing, it is better to be cool! If you say, let's choose what you like from the following. There are also for Thunderbird.

Firefox and Mozilla Icon Packs :: Change your browser's window icons

To return to the original icon, click "Uninstall my current icon pack from my web browser" from the following link destination.

Firefox and Mozilla Icon Packs :: Icon Packs :: IconPack Uninstaller / Restorer

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