Various infrared photographs that become a fantastic sight

In infrared photographs (or infrared photographs), there are many people who imagine a swimsuit through which they can see through or ayashii, but it is not such a thing in the first place, it is one of photography techniques.

So, I tried collecting infrared photographs in various ways. It is quite strange feeling. Besides, I put a method to make it infrared photograph like in Photoshop.
Infrared Photo Gallery by Jeffrey Klassen at

The above picture seems to have been taken with filters such as Tiffen 87 and Hoya R72.

Other beautiful infrared photo albums are as follows. It is fantastic to see the same world but a different world.

Infrared - a photoset on Flickr

Fine art nudes - a photoset on Flickr

Nudes indoor - a photoset on Flickr

Infrared nudes - a photoset on Flickr

Photo gallery

Infrared - a photoset on Flickr

Also, there are various sites about infrared photos.

Infrared Photography

Digital infrared photography tutorials using Photo shop CS, Tutorial Number 2

CoCam: Infrared Photography - Infrared FAQ

Here is a method to shoot infrared photograph with a digital camera. There is software which turns webcam into infrared photograph.

Infrared photos with digital camera!

In addition, if you use the following method it will be possible to process with infrared photography like Photoshop.

Under the Oak

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