Release of W-ZERO 3 new model, W-ZERO 3 [es]

Scheduled to be released on 27th July 2006. Windows Mobile 5.0 with 2.8-inch VGA (640 x 480 dots) high definition mobile ASV liquid crystal. Also, "ATOK" with predictive conversion function is adopted.

Annual contract of new contract is 29,800 yen, without annual contract is 33,800 yen. The model change is 24,800 yen for 10 months or more, 39,800 yen for 6 months or more, and 44,800 yen for less than 6 months. A unit without W - SIM is 36,800 yen.

Details are as follows.
Developed and released W-ZERO 3 [es]

WILLCOM | W - ZERO 3 [es]

2006/07/04 13:31 Addendum

The size is about 56 mm in width × 135 mm in height × about 21 mm in thickness.

Dual key and sliding QWERTY key dual keyboard installed. The 2.8-inch realizes VGA (640 × 480 dots) high definition display for the first time. Compared to a typical mobile phone (QVGA: 320 × 240 dots), it is possible to display quadruple precision. Width of about 56 mm. It corresponds to the USB host function. Mini A compatible USB cable and compatible driver for each peripheral device are required. Also, Opera Mobile (TM) is standard installed. FlashPlayer 7.0 is also supported. With original mail software "W - ZERO 3 Mail", there is automatic sorting function of received mail and protection function of important mail. Multiple accounts can also be used, and it is also possible to receive mails of multiple accounts that you set up at once.

The digital camera function is a 1/4 type CMOS image sensor with an effective pixel count of about 1.31 million pixels. It also supports macro shooting and can read bar codes and QR codes. For still images, you can shoot with SXGA (1280 × 1024), VGA (640 × 480), QVGA (320 × 240). Also, because it is possible to shoot movies in WMV format, it seems to be able to play in Windows Media Player 10.

2006/07/04 13:36 Addendum

Images and peripherals etc are appearing at the WILLCOM store.


Bluetooth, wireless LAN (miniSD?), Mobile printer, presentation equipment, barcode reader, One Seg tuner are scheduled to be released as optional optional devices.

In addition, desktop holders are released in early August and can be easily recharged simply by placing it.

2006/07/04 13:37 Addendum
In addition, pre-registration is necessary for reservation, and it seems that procedures will be carried out on the pre-registration page from 10 o'clock on Tuesday, July 11.

WILLCOM | W-ZERO 3 [es] About sale

In addition, up to 2 people with SIM, up to 1 person without SIM.

Schedule for sending reservation sale mail is as follows.

Regular product (with SIM): Friday, July 14, 2006
Single item (without SIM): From July 20 th, 2006 (Thursday)

2006/07/04 14:00 Addendum

Since there is a function comparison page, if you compare those who have a previous model, you can see well what is up than the current function.

WILLCOM | Feature Comparison | WILLCOM Phone

Also, please visit the following site for software and others running on W - ZERO 3 [es] .

W-ZERO 3 Wiki

2006/07/04 14:05 Addendum

Before launching W - ZERO 3 [es], we are going to implement 'Touch & Try Event'.

The date and time is 11:00 to 19:00 for 4 days from July 14 (Friday) to July 17 (Mon. · congratulation). The place is Shinjuku Takashimaya 1F event space. Also, a similar large event will be held at some large electronics mass merchants in Tokyo.

You can also experience at WILLCOM booth and SHARP booth at "Wireless Japan 2006". The date and time is from 10: 00 ~ 17: 30 (end of 17: 00 on the last day) for 3 days from Wednesday, July 19th to Friday 21st July. The place is East 1 and 2 Hall of Tokyo Big Sight.

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