Bubble Man II Antarctica Soda

"Bubble Man II Soda Planet" in April, "Bubble Man II Soda Planet" in MayBubble rocket Space flavor"This time it is" Bubble Man II Antarctica Soda ". I am not sure what is Antarctica ....

Release date is Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 140 yen.

Details on why "Antarctica Soda" is as follows.
"Bubble Man II Antarctica Soda" New Release
- Refreshing soda-flavored carbonated drink that blows off the hot weather of summer has appeared -

"Bubble Man II II Antarctic Soda" to be released this time is based on soda flavor that feels nostalgic, featuring a refreshing stimulation with a strong carbonic feeling peculiar to Bubble Man.

Why is Antarctica soda? "The setting that the place where the hero" Bubble Man "who passed away for a while came aiming the earth from the bubble star, the first land landed on Earth was Antarctica." It is said that it expressed a frozen refreshing feeling like blowing off summer heat and named it "Antarctica Soda".

Is it different from ordinary soda taste ...?

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