Microsoft 's Bill - Gates president, retired in July 2008

Farewell Bill, until the day we meet again. I have not retired yet.

The picture above is taken on June 15, 2006, Bill Gates, Craig Mundie, Ray Ozzie, Steve Ballmer from left to right.

Details are as follows.
Microsoft Announces Plans for July 2008 Transition for Bill Gates: Working full time at Microsoft through June 2008, Gates then will continue as chairman and advisor while increasing Foundation efforts; Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie to assume expanded roles.

■ Gates chairman, devoting to charity to retire two years later

Microsoft's Bill Gates president (50), the largest software company, announced on 15th that it will withdraw from the company's line of business in July 2008. Although he will remain in the position of the president, he is devoted to the charitable activities of the foundation founded with his wife.
Gates said at a press conference, "About a practical retirement, it was a difficult decision but I believe it will lead to a bright future for Microsoft."

So, in the future it is to draw threads from the shadows as the organization's masterpiece.

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