Contactless payment service "VISA TOUCH" Started this autumn

"VISA" famous for credit card brands will finally start contactless payment service from this autumn. The name is "VISA TOUCH" (Visa Touch).

Also, Felica compatible mobile phones and existing cards (in the case of cards issued by companies participating in VISA TOUCH) can be used as they are.

Details are as follows.
Visa Japan | Press Center

First of all, in July we formulated technical specifications and operational rules, and we began preparing approaches to card members and franchisees for VISA card issuing companies who decided to participate. In August we announced the start of service, It seems that preparations will be made so that the first service can be started in September.

Currently, the number of issued VISA cards in Japan is 85 million, total transaction volume is about 15 trillion yen, shopping volume exceeds 11 trillion yen, and the share among international brands in Japan exceeds 50% It is said that there is.

Well, what will happen.

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