Chicago police patrolled "Segway police only model"

Initially it is called a ginger, and finally it is an example that was named "Segway", but the Chicago Police introduced 100 "Segway police only model", of which 50 have already been put into operation It is said that.

In Chicago with a lot of tourists, we did a unique thing such as a cavalry cop in order to avoid a traffic jam, but it seems that Segway is cheaper in terms of cost and more useful for tracking criminals because it is "quiet" It seems that it was adopted by that.

Details of Segway "Segway HT i 180 Police" which is actually used by Chicago police are as follows.
Segway | Products | Segway HT i 180 Police

Features include a guard attached to the handlebar, that a GPS unit can be attached, a container with various police equipment can be stored, LED lights, and so on.

Here is an article saying that it is actually being used in Chicago.

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