Cup noodle German potato big

It is released nationwide from Monday, June 5. Tax not included 175 yen.

No way to become conscious of the world cup until the cup noodles. Of course it is natural that this is to eat while watching the live comics of the World Cup ...- New variations of "Cup Noodle Big" series -
Fresh cup noodles
"Cup noodle German potato big"
Information on new release

(1) Men
I'm sorry for Koshi and Tsumari.
(2) soup
Based on chicken soup, it is a western style salty soup full of spice that made you spice such as black pepper and coarse ground basil.
(3) Material
It expresses "German potato" vividly with colorful potato with delicious feeling, colorful with cabbage, scrambled egg, red bell, with pork 100% sausage as the main.

In short it is the main that peppered potatoes and sausages are contained in pepper salty soup.

I usually buy a salty cup noodle for two servings and I feel like I can put a potato and a sausage and pepper ...

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