"Sky easy" that you can make Skype calls with home cordless phones

Elecz put out another strange thing, but this time it might be quite practical. By using this adapter, it becomes possible to call Skype by using ordinary household telephone.
Elecz - News Release (Sukuaku SK-ADP)

Connect the phone line to the LINE terminal, connect the phone to the TEL terminal, and connect it to the PC with USB. When receiving an incoming call, a ring tone is heard from the phone as with a general line, and the line that first received either a general line or a Skype takes precedence. By dialing Skype's "Speed ​​Dial Assignment" function when making calls, you can make a call by operating the phone alone even in a place away from the PC. Also, even if corporations and others can not use the telephone of the general line, it is possible to use cordless phones as a phone dedicated to Skype.

Power supply is available from USB, price is 9,450 yen including tax.

See below for details

User's manual is here (PDF)

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