Life game style "Happy Academic Life 2006"

It is what made researcher 's career life life game like. It seems to be an appendix of the 20 th anniversary issue of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Society (May 1, 2006 issue), but it is also planned to open to the public.

Happy Academic Life
Slashdot Japan | Researcher's career design life game

According to tokushima, "According to the article of ITmedia, 'IT researcher life game' will be distributed as an appendix of May 1 issue of Artificial Intelligence Society magazine. Starting from the assistant, we aim for the goal of an ideal professor image while thinking about how to use (600 hours). It is said to be a reference to think career design. We plan to make available non-academic members in future.

Well it is a simple thing so it seems like the appearance seems to be quite different from the actual research career group ....

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