Every time you search on Google 12 cents will be in Google's revenue

At the moment, 12 cents is about 14 yen. There is not yet clear data on how many searches are actually being conducted around the world in actuality, but in the United States alone, in January 2006 more than 2.7 billion searches were done He said that.

Well, 12 cents × 2.7 billion times = 32.4 billion cents, which is $ 1 for 100 cents, so it is 324 million dollars. It is about 38.3 billion yen when converted to Japanese yen. It is a tremendous amount of money.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Searching for the net's big thing

Although this is a simple trial calculation, it is not exactly this street, but it seems that the profit obtained by roughly one search is about that. Revenue sources are to say nothing, advertisements.

Actually, looking at Google's settlements, sales in the fourth quarter were $ 1.919 billion. Of these, advertising, sales by GoogleAdsense was $ 799 million. In terms of total sales, it is 42%. How far is it going to extend, Google?

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