I bought an electric kettle "Halio Power Kettle" of heat-resistant glass

As you can see it is an electric kettle made of heat-resistant glass. In general, 1 liter boils to 100 degrees in about 6 minutes.
Hario Power Kettle

The box looks something like this

I opened it.

Since it can be removed with a cordless type, it is convenient to take it to a doc after boiling

The cord can be stored on the bottom when the cord is twisted

Handle is slightly larger

Up to 1.2 liters

Bottom part of the main body

This is the power plate part. Even if it is boiling it will not get hot, so it's okay on the desk etc.

The bottom part of the power supply plate

The instructions are full of warnings


So, this is the movie that shot the actual boiling situation

As you can see, it boils quite violently. Even just watching from the side I did not get tired and I liked it very much. For people who have a question mark on the heat retention function of the electric pot, people who want to use boiling water to the maximum, people who care about the smell of the pot. Especially because kore is made of glass it does not attach any smell, you can drink anything very comfortably. It seems a bit fashionable to watch later.

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