Adobe Reader Enterprise Edition does not have anything unnecessary such as Yahoo! toolbar

Adobe Reader recently tried installing Yahoo! Toolbar's Adobe Photoshop Album Mini but also extra extra accessories, but by removing such things absolutely and purely "Adobe Reader" There seems to be "Adobe Reader Enterprise Edition" for installation.

Of course it is free.

As you can see from the name, it was originally distributed for companies. Normally it is in the form of a link to the download site of Adobe Reader, but it seems to be okay if you use Kore if you distribute it to employees at once on the company site.

So I tried to apply.
First of all to,
Click "Adobe Reader Distribution License Agreement"

Please enter required items and click "I agree and send"

Since the mail comes, wait a while

When an email arrives, click the address written there, and this will be

It is said that reply will come within 2 business days. It is useful if you need to put Adobe Reader on all the company's computers, and it is useful if you have each employee installing it.

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