"Potato Chips (Family Mart) Fried Chicken Flavor" New Release

Even if it is said that it is Fried Chicken taste of FamilyMart, I do not know because I have never eaten it, but it is certain that it is a commodity that is pretty obsessive and premonition of landmines are irresistible. Family Mart 's Fried Chicken to Potato Chips!
Calbee 'Potato Chips Family Mart' s Fried Chicken Flavor 'on sale!

The appearance is quite stinky

Release date is March 28 (Tuesday), including tax 124 yen. The sales volume is limited to 300,000 meals.

If I mention 300,000 meals, I feel that it is quite large, but it seems that FamilyMart's "Fried Chicken" sells 60 million copies per year.

The seasoning is recently a trendy dark, and it is said that it is made to suit beer. Anyway, it is a strange food ...

So, what kind of bleeding do you sell beers of such a package at the same time?

Family Mart 's Fried Chicken Can Be Again!
Original design cans on sale!
~ This time cherry blossoms design perfect for cherry-blossom viewing ~

Like this

Family Mart 's "Fried Chicken" was designed on the whole half of the can,
"Buy fried chicken at a checkout counter."
We recommend you to have a copy.

I see. You use the can design itself to increase sales. It certainly feels like this method could contribute directly to sales.

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