Kappa Eboshi "Junior chili pepper taste" and "Yannari wasabi taste" newly released

Rarely recently it is not only the sale of many convenience stores, but rather the reverse, at a convenience store it is "not to sell". Package also has a slightly different atmosphere.
A bit of spicy becomes habit!
"Kappa Eboshin Junka Chilli Taste" "Kappa Bosonsen Easy Wasabi Flavor"
New for a limited time new release!

Release date is Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chubu / Mie, Middle and Shikoku, Hokuriku, Kyushu and Okinawa on March 27, Niigata · Nagano, Kinki, Kanto · Shizuoka April 3. All prices are open price.

"Kappa eboshin tiny chilli pepper taste", the taste and fragrance of the peppered pepper is perfect for snacks "Kappa Bosons". By red peppers' toppings, a pungent, not too spicy, pleasant pungent taste. The fragrant flavor of roasted peppers, and the pungent and pungent taste is a delicious taste.

"Kappa Bosonsen Kannabe Wasabi Taste" is well suited to sake made with soft harb and the hidden taste of soy sauce "Kappa ebisen". With wasabi topped, you can enjoy a refreshing pungent taste, hidden taste soy sauce further enhances the taste.

It is "slightly dry" to the last, it is suppressed to an extent not too spicy.
As I am a bad habitable child's tongue, I should try just a tiny red pepper taste.

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