Photograph of installation and setup work for 3000 iBooks in 3 days

It seems that he had to install and set up 3000 3000 iBooks in just three days to deliver to high school. Since the image was taken with a mobile camera, the image quality is not good, but the situation of the fierce battle is transmitted.

Details are as below.

Jaron Brass-Gallery-1 to 1: Miramar High School

An iBook in a cardboard box.

An iBook cosmetic box taken out of a cardboard box.

Work landscape.

The cable is amazing even though it is an iBook.

A pile of stacked iBooks.

Boxes of iBooks piled up awkwardly.

I wonder if there is no place to put it on the floor.

Since the setup is completed, I will carry it to the shelf.

Accessories such as adapters and installation disks.

An empty box that was thrown away.

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