Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to put practical use of website marking safety and security

First of all, I judge myself that the site is safe, secure, healthy, illegal, harmless information, a good site, and apply to the review organization.
And the result of judging sweetly by myself is inappropriate and "You are your site is unhealthy! Harmful! It is not worth seeing!" And labeled the disused, affixed DoS Attack to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry crying (to be continued)

Toward the practical application of marks indicating the safety and security of websites
Demonstration experiment of mark technology to display the expression level etc. of Internet contents

Experiment Outline
On the Internet, you set up three persons: 1) a virtual website creator (information sender), 2) virtual mark management organization (examination agency), and 3) viewer (user), and the mark is judged according to the following procedure To the granting on the system.
(1) 1) grades (self-rating) their contents according to certain criteria, and applies the results etc. to 2).
(2) 2) examines the application from 1) and issues and controls (cancellation etc.) the mark (visible mark and metadata).
(3) 3) can view the mark, confirm the authenticity, or use the access control system.
Through these processes, we will verify the effectiveness and effectiveness of the mark operation system technically (see Attachment (PDF)).

The image looks something like this

I am very worried about what self-rating is like ....
Let's apply GIGAZINE by all means ...

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